Ceremonies range from formal and traditional to relaxed and reflective, they are always personal, engaging, and often humorous.

You don’t need ‘to be a humanist’ to have a humanist ceremony. A humanist service celebrates the one life we have here and now, without God. They are designed to reflect the values, relationships, and community that have been part of your journey so far.

Each ceremony begins with a traditional structure and evolves. Instead of talking about God, I take elements of your story and life together and interweave these with contributions from friends and family. These offerings could include readings, live music, singing, time for reflection, or other symbolic gestures such as candle lighting or hand-fasting. The only limit is your imagination. All couples share vows, aspirations, or promises for their future, and often symbolise these through an exchange of rings.


Most ceremonies are fairly ‘normal’ just more romantic, personal and beautiful than a formal register office ceremony. I will use my expertise to guide and support your ideas. I try to have an ‘anything goes’ attitude, although I once had to insist that owls were not used to fly in wedding rings. We were standing doing the ceremony in front of a very large, very much closed glass window (it was winter). I thought it would be less Harry Potter and more of an owl-related closed head injury waiting to happen.

Crafting a ceremony

Make contact - Email, phone 07811556633 or skype kategee1980.


Have a chat - Is a humanist ceremony really what you want? Am I the right person to design and deliver your day?


Book in - Complete an initial booking form. People book anything from three years to three months in advance, but please note I get booked up very quickly for the summer months.


Arrange an in depth session - This could be face to face, skype, or over email. We chat about your ideas, venue, thoughts about a ceremony, your histories and life together, and your future plans. This can take a couple of hours, punctuated with plenty of tea and often tissues. This is simply so I can get a sense of what you want and have enough information to write with.


Script drafting - About a month before your ceremony I will send you a draft of your ceremony, which can then be returned for re-drafting. I help with everything from advice on vows and readings, to music, to developing new rituals. There are normally a couple of redrafts before everyone is satisfied.


Rehearsal - Sometimes we rehearse the day before the ceremony, other times we don’t. It may cost a little extra (travel or overnight) if you’d like a rehearsal.


Event - A ceremony, done just the way you want it.


Each ceremony is costed per client. The costs fall within BHA guidelines. I am not at all cheap, but I am excellent at what I do. Payments can be spread over a number of months before your wedding.


Venues and legalities

From a stately home to a park, to music festivals and pubs, a humanist ceremony could take place anywhere that is significant and memorable to you.


I have had the pleasure of conducting the first ceremony in living memory at Wentworth Woodhouse (a private stately home with the longest country house façade in Europe – good pub fact!), at pubs like The Crab and Lobster in Thirsk, in beautiful Spa resorts such as Losehill House in the Hope Valley, on farms in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, and I’ve had great discussions about conducting ceremonies at Glastonbury Festival and in Paris. The list really is endless. Many couples use licensed venues, but this is not necessary. I have only ever refused to do one wedding (in a hot air balloon for Don’t Tell the Bride, because I’m not keen on heights!)


At the moment humanist ceremonies are not legal in the UK, so you need to sign the official paperwork at a register office. This is about £42.50 for the most minimal amount of fuss.


Each ceremony is costed per client. The costs fall within BHA guidelines. I am not at all cheap, but I am excellent at what I do. Payments can be spread over a number of months before your wedding.